About Thin Air Research

Over the many years of watching football. I (Nick Korte) have published findings on the sport on scattered online spots: Twitter, the original Thin Air, and when it comes to contract analysis in the NFL, Over The Cap and Broncos Contracts.

Thin Air Research is a place where I can centralize some of these non-contract findings (contract analysis will remain on OTC and Broncos Contracts) in a format that is not constrained by social media, and where I can utilize the power of a website fully in my control that strives to provide additional insight to the sport of football.

Over intermittent time, you’ll see links compile on the sidebar that collect the research I continue to come across. I am also welcome to explore any research ideas that you may have. To reach me on this or any other questions on what you see here, reach out to me on Twitter, or via this contact form.